Machines we disassemble

Contactpersons: Tor phone: (+47)62945446/Tormod(+47)62945451

Used parts

Why buy new when there are equal parts used to under half the price? After taking over of Rosendal’s dismantling of used machines in 2006 we are Norway’s largest on used parts. We dismantle annually approximately 70 construction  machines and has around 400 units standing at any time. In addition, a significant stock of disassembled components.

 At disassemling now:

  • ATLAS: 1104,  1204, 1304, 1404, 1504
  • CASE: 721B
  • CAT: E70B, 307C, 308DCR, 312BL, 312CL, 314C, 318BL, 325B, 325DL, M315C, 950G, 980G, IT14G, IT28G
  • DAEWOO: Solar 220
  • FIAT HITACHI: FH150W3,  FH220-3, W130, W170, EX215
  • HALLA: HE130
  • HANIX: H56C
  • HITACHI: ZX52-3, ZX130W, ZX250-3, ZX280-3
  • HYMAX: 840, 940
  • JCB: JS160, JS200
  • KATO: HD 307
  • KOBELCO:  SK60, SK75C SR, SK120, SK210 MK4, SK210MK6
  • KOMATSU:  PC45-8, PC180-6, PC 210-6, PC210-8, PC240-6-7, PC240-8,  PC340-7, PC350-8, PW130-6, WA320, WA470, WA480-5 
  • MOXY: MT30, 5222B,  6225B
  • NEW HOLLAND: E135SR, E215, E215B
  • SAMSUNG: SE130-2, SE130WZ, SE210 LCIII, SE240-3
  • VOLVO BM: A20, A25C, A35, A40, L50, L70, L70C, L90E, L120B, L120D, L180D, 4400, 4500
  • ÅKERMAN/VOLVO: EW160A, EW160B, EC210B, EC240B, EC290B, EC360,  H7CNC-NC, H10BNC

We disassemble:

  • ABS TAKEUCHI: TB015, TB 650S, TB 35 S, TB 45, TB 68S, TB070, TB175
  • AVELING BARFORD:  Veihøvel
  • ATLAS: 1102, 1104, 1122D, 1204, 1302C-D-E, 1304, 1404, 1504, 1604, 1622D, 1702AB, 1702 DHD, 1704 HD-LC, 1804
  • BRØYT:  X20T-TL, X21, X21TLII, X31TL,  X12M
  • CASE: 1150B, 730, 1825C
  • CAT: IT14B, IT14G, IT18, IT28B, 910, 922, 920, 930, 950, 950B-F, 950G 966A-B-C, F-II, 980A-B, 980G, 988A-B,  D4, D5, D6B-C, D7- E-F, D8, 307, 307C, 308DCR,  205, 206BFT, 212/BFT, 215SA/BLC,  219D, 225, 225B-LC-D, 229,  235B/C, 3408 motor, M312, M313D, M315, 312B, 312C, 314C, 315C, 317, 320/BL, 320C,  325BL, 325B-C-D, 345DL, 325,  330.
  • FIAT-ALLIS: 545, 605B, 645B, 745HB, FR15.
  • FIAT HITACHI: FH95, FH 130, FH130W3, FH 150, FH150W-3, FH200-1, FH220, FH 300 LCII, FH400, FR160, EX165, ZX120, EX215.
  • FIAT KOBELCO: W175, EX215
  • HANOMAG: 33B-C, 44C-D, 55C-D-B14C, 66C-B18C, D600D
  • HITACHI: EX60, EX120, EX135UR, EX200, EX220, EX300, ZX85, ZX120, ZX130W, ZX250-3, ZX280-3
  • HYMAX: 840, 940, 8200. 82R, 42R
  • HYUNDAI: R130LCDlll, R210LC II, R290LC III, R450LC III, R55, R80-7.
  • I.H.: TD9, TD15B-C, TD20B-E, 175, 530,
  • JCB: 8045, 8060, 820, JS 70, JS160, JS 200, JS 240 LC
  • KATO: HD 550, 307, 308, 250
  • KOBELCO: 903B-C-II, 904D-E-MKII, 905MKII, 907C-D-MKII, 909A-MKII, 912A, SK60 MKIII, SK100, SK110, SK120 MK3, SK 130 LC MKIV, SK 200, SK 210 LC IV,  SK210LC VI, SK250, SK300
  • KOMATSU: D50, D53, D65LGP, D85, D155, PC20-7, PC75R8, PC95,  PC120, PC130-6, PW95, PW130-6,  PC180/LC6, PC200-6, PC210LC-6, PC210-8, 240-/5/6/7/8LC, PC300, PC340-7, PC350-8, WA300, WA320, WA 380, WA 470-1/3, WA500. WA480-5
  • LIEBHERR: 901, 902.
  • LUNDBERG: 341
  • MICHIGAN: 55, 65 AWS, 75B, 125BC, 175B
  • MITSUBISHI: MS070, MS120-3, MS140-8, MS180, MS240
  • MOXY: D15, D16, D16B, 5200, 5222B, 5225, 6200S, 6225, 6227B, MT30, MT31
  • NISSAN- HANIX: N50, 350-2, N450, H45A, H56C
  • NORDVERK: HVT 130, NV 161
  • O&K: MH City, MH4 pluss, MH5, MH5 PMS, RH1, RH4, RH5LC, RH6A-B-C, RH6HD, RH9.0, L18, L20
  • POCLAIN: P61, CK61, 75CK-B, 75P, CK81-P, 90CK, 160
  • SAMSUNG:  SE 130W, SE 130 LCM-2, SE210LCI og ll og lll, SE240LC lll
  • SCHAEFF: HR25/D, HR 26 B. HR30, HR40, HML 30A-C, HML 40B
  • SUMITOMO: LS2650FJ, LS2800, LS2850FJ, LS1600FJ.
  • VOLVO BM: A20, A25-B-C,  A35, A40,  4300B, 4400, 4500, 4600B, 620, 845, 846, 1240, DR860A-T-TL, S DR861-6×6, L50-C, L70-B-C, L90-C-D-E, L120-L120B-C-D, L150-C-E,  L160, L180-C-D,  L220, 5350,  
  • VOLVO/ÅKERMAN: H3B-MB, H7B-MB-C, H9, H9B,H9MB, H10B -NC-MB, H12-BLC, H14B-NC, H14B-NC, H16C-D-NC, EC130, EC140, EC140BLC, EC160-B, EC180-B, EC210, EC210-B,  EC230B, EC240-B, EC290-B EC300, EC340, EC360, EC390,  EW140, EW140-B-C, EW150C, EW160, EW160-B, EW180-B EW200
  • YANMAR: YB601

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