Tammer Diesel Oy

Tammer Diesel Oy is today Scandinavia’s largest on engine overhauling. The company’s main employment is overhauling of diesel and gasoline engines, and components (crankshafts, cylinder heads, diesel armor and more). The motors are delivered, complete overhauled with (1) year warranty, and in many different varieties, e.g. for trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and passenger cars.

Tammer Diesel Oy started its operations in 1954, and has acquired extensive expertise and experience over the years. The company currently has six branches in Finland. Tammer Diesel’s products are sold in general by individual dealers and service stations throughout Scandinavia. Tammer Diesel Oy’s turnover is pr. today about 60 million NOK. The company employs approx. 75 people and exports its products to over 10 different countries.

Tammer Diesel Oy operates with more than just the overhaul of engines, such as retail outlets for spare parts, tools and industrial components imported from the same factory as the original dealer. They offer well-known brand products to both private and business.

At the factory, they also do repairs and complete overhaul of engine types which are not mention in the list, e.g.

• Caterpillar

• Cummings

• GM

• Komatsu

• And more