Kobelco original spare parts

With over 4500 + item numbers in stock, Entrack AS have Norway’s most complete parts inventory to Kobelco. We can supply parts for ALL Kobelco machines, Fiat Kobelco, O & K, Fiat-Hitachi and NH Kobelco. Our employees in Kobelco Trondheim and Stavanger have the greatest expertise and longest experience in this type of machine in Norway.

Continuous focus

A continuous focus in the search for sources of original and alternative Kobelco parts, resulting in that we can lower our retail prices. Since its inception with Entrack we have completed a significant reduction in the prices of similar lines in comparison to earlier. This we promise to continue to work with! Our goal is to be your preferred supplier in the future.

  Kobelco parts in Trondheim

  • Roger Myhre        480 14 724
  • Trond Berg          488 94 830
  • Hans Skaret         480 14 729

  Kobelco parts Stavanger

  • Roy Erga:                480 14 739
  • Frank Haver:           474 74 182
  • Bjørn Tore Solheim: 480 14 740


E-mail: firmapost@entrack.no
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Kobelco parts inventory in Trondheim

We also disassemble Kobelco machines.
For used parts see here.