Head office Grinder

Dept. Grinder

Robert Kvesetberg

Robert is one of two brothers who own and operate Entrack AS. Daily he works as sales manager and chairman of the board. Responsible for import and sale of Power Tilt. Otherwise he is up to date on most of the company’s product range.

Tom Arne Kvesetberg

Tom is the youngest of the brothers who own and operate Entrack AS. He is a board member.

Ronny Kvesetberg

Ronny sells Tammer exchange engine products, undercarriage parts and new parts from our other product range.

Herbjørn Collett Haug

Herbjørn is responsible for purchasing/selling roadblades and wear steel. He also sells teeth and other parts of our product range.

Per Ole Hveberg

Per Ole is largly resposible for the import and sale of batteries. He also sells spareparts, chassis parts, filters and new parts for many machine types.

Tor Arne Hammer

Tor is the head of the machine disassembly department. And sell used parts and machines. He is responsible for purchasing objects to disassenble. He also sells our other range, such as new buckets, teeth, undercarrige parts and engine parts.

Knut Karlsen

Knut can assist with the sale of teeth, wear resistant steel, chassis parts, tools and batteries.

May K. Skoglund

May is payroll and accounts staff member. She is also responsible for sending out reminders.

Randi Marie (Maja) F. Hammeren

Randi Marie (Maja) has switchboard, reception, freight documents and shop sales as some of her tasks.

Geir Svensson

Geir is our warehouse manager. He is one of nine you can meet, if you visit and retrieve parts here.