Filter and engine coolant

Entrack AS is a distributor for Lekang Maskin AS. Lekang Maskin is a company in the Lekang group
that is Scandinavia’s largest filter provider with headquarters and large inventories in Norway,
Sweden and Denmark.

With Lekang filter system, we can quick and easily deliver filter kits or help you find the right number
on a filter. Filter kits have a good overall price!

We create lists of filters that matches all the machines you have.
Our customers say that they have an easier work day!

  Lekang filter system          

  • The correct filters for your machinery
  • All filters from one supplier
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Low operating expenses

  Fleetguard filter and engine coolant

  • Fleetguard is manufactured by Cummins,
    a guarantee of high quality
  • ES products for less wear and
    longer service intervals
  • The market’s best warranty
  • Coolant for all types of machines

Have a look at the advantage of using Fleetguard coolant here.

See more about filters for construction and transport on Lekang Maskin’s pages here.