Banner batteries

As longstanding importer of Banner batteries we can fill any starter battery needs from mc / cars to construction / truck / bus. Banner battery factory in Linz, Austria has produced lead batteries since 1937, which is reflected in the high quality of product. Following an investment of 20 million Euros in 2010-11 the factorys 480 employees produce 4 million Batteries annually and delivers to over 50 countries. Annual development costs are 6 million Euro. From our warehouses around the country, we can supply most starter batteries immediately. We also sell Banner’s popular portable starter booster 12/24 volt-1600 / 3200A, known as Trucpac, which has current capacity to crank large diesel engines. Entrack is also approved as a recipient of used lead-acid batteries for recycling.

We supply a wide range of car batteries from Banner in Austria.
Buffalo Bull is Banner’s large batteries. For trucks, buses and other large machinery.
We have a large selection of motorcycle batteries. From very small 6V batteries to large 12V batteries.

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 We have two types startboosters. A 12V and a combined 12/24V
P3: Proff start booster 12V, 1600A
Trucpac: Proff start booster 12/24V, 1600A (12V) 3200A (24V)

We provide all of the accessories for truck batteries including complete batteries.
We supply bloc batteries for lifts, washing machines, etc.

 We also have some odyssey batteries in stock.

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